Beyond Lingerie for a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Corset from the back

If you have just booked your first boudoir photo shoot, you must be rummaging through your closet to find the perfect lingerie pieces to add to your wardrobe for the day. Before your room looks like a tornado hit, we suggest you take a peek at our suggestions to get you started!


The most common piece to bring on your shoot day is your favorite lingerie. A matching bra and panty set always creates a stunning photo. Some ladies even bring thigh highs and garter belts to add a flare of sexy style.

We understand that some lingerie pieces can be tedious to put on in the studio. We always make sure our make-up artist, Kerri is ready to assist with any wardrobe pieces such as tough zippers, clasps, or ties.

Bustier > Corsets

If you are looking to enhance your shape with your wardrobe we encourage that you bring a bustier instead of a corset. Although Corsets are designed to give you an hourglass shape we notice that they tend to flatten you out on top and provide minimal support. This is not ideal while shooting which is why we suggest the bustier. They are designed with support and are more flattering on your cleavage.

To see the difference between a Bustier & Corset please click here.

Men’s Dress Shirt

The classic look of a beautiful women wearing a men’s dress shirt adds personality and curiosity to a boudoir shoot. During the shoot we usually suggest you style the shirt to enhance your look by rolling up the sleeves, pinning the back, and or dropping a sleeve off the shoulder. You also have the choice to wear it with or without lingerie underneath. We aim to make the shoot all about you and what you are comfortable with!

White Sheet

A white sheet gently placed in front or wrapped around you becomes a great prop to hide any areas you want to avoid showing along with adding implied nudity to the final photos.

Birthday Suit

With years of boudoir photo shoot experience we have found a variety of tasteful ways to shoot nudity in fine art or glamour styles. This “wardrobe” or lack there of style is completely your call and we suggest putting thought into this decision before your shoot day! Our number one priority during boudoir shoots is your comfort level. If this is a style you want in your final photos we suggest reaching out to receive a gallery of nude work. This will give you an idea of the poses you will be doing along with understanding the elegance that is portrayed in the final portraits.