Bringing A Friend to a Shoot

Laying on couch in white lingerie

Our friends and family are our greatest supporters. A common question we receive is; Can I bring my friend, husband, or mother with me during the shoot? The answer simply depends on the person. This is why we gathered some considerations you should take before deciding on bringing a companion along for your shoot!

1. Social Hour

If you are bringing a friend to make your visit a little more fun we suggest you refrain from doing so as this can potentially distract the photographer, and extend your shoot time. If you do bring a friend, please note that we will need your full attention during preparation tasks like makeup and wardrobe.

2. Shoot Time

Most shoots will take anywhere between 2-4 hours. Please prepare this expectation with your companion. He or she may feel antsy after an hour and can rush the shoot to arrive on time to other obligations. We suggest you bring a patient and polite companion who is aware of the time your shoot will take.

3. Distractions

Distractions in the studio tends to take any photographer out of their artistic flow and concentration. We ask that all shoot companions refrain from playing music, have any extended phone conversations, and or interrupt Erik’s directions in the studio. Shoot companions are encouraged to give a thumbs up, short confidence boosting comment, or encouraging smile to communicate with and help you along the shoot.

4. Boudoir Companions

During our studio experience we have found that brining a friend or significant other during a boudoir session has made the subject uncomfortable and self conscious during posing. We believe this is due to the feeling of a “crowded room” with an audience as opposed to a personalized session. This is a common finding and we suggest you take this into consideration before deciding to bring a friend.

5. Children & Parents

We encourage that any shoots that include young aspiring models also bring a parent/legal guardian as their shoot companion to meet Erik and his team.

These are all of the major considerations we suggest you take before deciding to bring a shoot companion. If you are having trouble deciding or have any further questions you can chat with us. We are more than happy to help you make this decision before coming in for your shoot!