Makeup for your shoot

Makeup image

When planning your shoot one of the most important things to consider is the look of the makeup. Do you like a more natural girl next door feel or something darker and heavier? Regardless of which you prefer, the makeup is the secret weapon that really elevates the quality of the photographs. That’s why it’s included in every shoot!

A more natural look may involve just as much makeup as something that looks darker so the amount applied isn’t always a good guideline. It’s better to think about the overall look concentrating on the eye. When your eyes “pop” in a photograph it makes them look bigger which makes the photo more inviting to the viewer. It’s also where the the lights are set for the shoot since it’s all about the eyes in a portrait.

Obviously a dark liner and smokey eye will pop more, but if you’re going for a business portrait the makeup won’t match the intent of the photo. Likewise if you’re after sexy and seductive, a subtle natural look won’t match easier. So how do you decide?

It’s pretty simple actually; start with a light touch gradually going darker until you find your sweet spot. And if you’re doing boudoir or a glamour shoot you may opt for two looks, one that’s lighter and one that’s darker to help maximize the variety in the final photos. Just remember it’s always easier to go darker rather than removing makeup to go lighter.

Our makeup artist Kerri does makeup for clients every day so she’s got the expertise to work with you to find a look that suits you.