Shoot Inspiration: A Bed of Purple Flowers

Applying flowers

Behind the Scenes

This stylized fashion portrait was created in three steps. In step one, artificial flowers were taped down to a 4×8 piece of thin plywood. They were placed around where the model’s head and shoulders would be.  

In the second step the plywood was put on the floor with a cutout for the model where she would lay down.  There were two lights used; one directly overhead and a second smaller one (pictured) to fill in the model’s face. 

In the last step the flowers were digitally duplicated all over the empty plywood to give the illusion of a complete bed of flowers.  This resulted in about a 10x savings in the number of flowers used to create the image.

Although it’s out of the frame, the camera was mounted directly over the mode at exactly 90 degrees on a stand. This is what gives the illusion that she’s almost floating.
Floral portrait

The look was completed by using a matching colored dress with dramatic eye shadow in the same shades of purple as the flowers.

Would you be interested in a conceptual portrait like this?  If so, I’d love to chat with you about it!

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