Modern Glamour Photography

One of the things we get asked a lot about is glamour photography. The word glamour is synonymous with the 80’s studio chain Glamour Shots. The hallmarks of the look were big hair, bad makeup, and even worse poses. And if you grew up when going to the mall was the highlight of your weekend, then you probably have your own Glamour Shot photos.

What’s missing from that kind of photography is the beauty and personality of the subject. It’s not just teasing your hair and overdoing the makeup. For us, being a beauty photographer is all about making you feel gorgeous on the inside as well as the outside. Your photos should make you look strong, confident, and beautiful which is why every glamour shoot we do is done in a Vanity Fair style.

The look is sophisticated and elegant with a lot of emphasis put on the design of the shoot. That includes paying close attention to scene setting, wardrobe, and makeup so that they all come together effortlessly. The photographs should look as though they’re magazine quality. So for some clients this means a bright, colorful, glossy look while for others it’s something softer and more muted. Ultimately you get to play art director by helping to plan the look of your shoot.

Below are a few photos for inspiration, including some recent ones that were featured here on the blog.

Vintage floral hair style

High key glamour portrait

Client wearing sequined blue dress

Eyelash skirt

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