Photoshoot Scheduling Considerations

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How To Schedule Your Shoot

The process of booking a shoot varies from studio to studio. We run different hours, hold tight schedules during different holidays and spend more or less time to deliver your final products. So here are the 3 things you should know when scheduling your shoot with us!

1. Decide on Your Final Product

Before you book your shoot it is important that you prepare by deciding on your final product. Will you want your photos as prints, a complete album, or digital images? This is important to decide because each one takes a different amount of time to produce. For example, if you would like an album as a gift to your fiance by the time of your wedding, we recommend you book your shoot for a minimum of 6 weeks prior since album orders can take up to four weeks. Images can be completed in one week and prints will take up to two.

2. Book Early on Holidays

Christmas and Valentines are our busiest holidays. If you are booking around November – February we suggest booking in advance to save your spot. We tend to run slower during the spring time, which gives you the option to book at your leisure during this season.

3. Consider an off time

If you have some flexibility in your schedule, booking a shoot during the weekday evenings can make scheduling quite a bit easier. This is when we tend to have the most open availability. Weekend shoots are always an option as well, but tend to fill more quickly than off times. To check availability, contact us to see what what times are available.

That’s all there is to it. We look forward to putting your photoshoot on our calendar!