Six online uses for personal branding photographs (and they’re all free!)

Boating portrait

In today’s image saturated world of social media, relying on a simple head and shoulders portrait to communicate your brand message is no longer effective. You need to show your personality to attract people to your business. What are some ways to do that online?

1. Content for social media

LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, the list doesn’t seem to end. Some experts recommend posting to Instagram alone every day. Do you have 30 days worth of solid brand imagery for the next month? Show yourself working, your products, production methods, and anything else that would be of interest to possible clients.

2. Your Google identity

Did you know your face follows you around the Internet with Google’s help? Every time some one reads an email from your Google account, they’re seeing an image of you (assuming you uploaded one). Just seeing that single image can generate thousands of impressions every month. Make sure it’s a good photo.

3. Your email signature

Like your Google identity, your email signature gets read constantly. Did you know you can put an image in it with the help of a third party service? By making it a strong image with a call to action, now you’ve got a lead generator being sent out with every email.

4. Gravatars

What’s a gravatar? It’s a globally unique avatars introduced a few years ago. Although not quite as popular today as it once was, it’s a way for your image to follow you when commenting on blog posts. Make it the same as your digital presence on other sites and you’ll be recognized as the same person.

5. LinkedIn profile

It goes without saying a great LinkedIn profile picture is an absolute must. But do you post about your business? What are the images you’re using for that? Sure you can post without an image, but it’s now very well understood that posts with images attract more attention. And if you’re posting regularly on Instagram you can use the same library of images because now you’re reaching different audiences.

6. Website about me

What does the picture on your “About” page say about you and your business? Most websites will only have a single image, but why not post several and tell a story? Potential clients love looking behind the curtain to see your process at work, so why not show them?

Analog Marketing

There are also a plethora of other uses for personal branding for print collateral ranging from business cards, brochures, and direct mail to full magazines. So if you’re thinking about a shoot don’t forget about all the offline ways you can use those digital photos.

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