Strike A Pose : The Guide to Posing for Your Photoshoot

Client leaning on wall

Strike A Pose

One of the most common questions we receive before shoots is, “Do I have to know how to pose?” The best part about shooting with us is that we do all the hard work for you! Your comfort level is our top priority. You will never be expected to come up with poses for your photos, unless of course you have some fun ideas you have always wanted to try!

Erik is highly experienced and will direct every part of the pose from body twists to hand placement. Posing is done in a strategic way to bring focus to your favorite body parts such as your face, bust, legs, etc. He even hides the parts of your body you want to take attention away from such as cellulite, tattoos, and more.

An important note to remember during the shoot is that although some poses may feel unnatural, we will direct you to ensure you receive the best looking photo! Trust in our advice and direction and you can guarantee a successful shoot. If you ever are posed in an uncomfortable way all you have to do is let Erik know. He will adjust accordingly. Posing includes lots of stretching, bending, and twisting your body, so if you do not regularly stretch you may experience slight stiffness the day following your shoot. It’s a sign of a good shoot!

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