Headshot and Portrait Studio

The Patton Photography studio is located in Charlestown, Boston. Not too big and not too small, at about 900 sq feet total, it’s just the right size for having your headshot or portrait taken. It features a meeting area with rolling wardrobe rack, makeup station, shooting area, private bathroom, and kitchenette. It also has a walk in storage closet with shelving and a production area with overhead shelves.

Flexible use space is hard to come by close to Boston with many old factories being converted to condos, so I really feel fortunate to have such a great space with great natural light and tall ceilings.

It’s a great space to work even when I’m not shooting.  I often use the desk for editing/computer work when I need a break from working at home.  The space is quiet with only a handful of neighbors and no shared walls so it also means we can get a little loud during your shoot and no one will care.  It’s also a great spot for meeting clients for consultations or to review images from a shoot.

Studio meeting area
Makeup area
Shooting area
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