Dealing with Covid 19

We have taken extra precautions at the studio to keep everyone safe and comfortable during the covid outbreak.  The space is clean and sanitized after every shoot.  For more information see the covid response plan HERE.

Magazine style portraiture

Vanity Fair and Vogue inspired photography is for everyday people just like you.  As a fashion photographer, I believe everyone is photogenic whether it’s a child’s fine art portrait, outdoor family portrait, or contemporary glamour.

Every session is done with a studio team, just like an editorial fashion shoot.  Wardrobe styling, hair & makeup, and studio lighting come together to create photos that look like they belong in a magazine.

I’d love to show you what my team and I can do for you.  Curious about how it all works?  I’d love to hear from you.

Erik Patton

How it Works

1. Consultation

We get together to discuss your goals for the shoot and develop the look.

2. Photoshoot

The day of your shoot includes hair and makeup and wardrobe styling.

3. The Reveal

During your reveal you'll see a selected set of proofs from which you'll make selections.

Raves and Reviews

Studio Location

The studio is on the Charlestown waterfront not far from the landmark Shrafft’s Building. There is plenty of parking and is a few minutes walk from the Sullivan Square T stop.

Meet the Photographer

My approach to portraiture was developed as a reaction to the cell phone camera snapshot and the viewing of photos on screens rather than on paper. It’s my belief we are losing the history of our families to the digital age; pictures of loved ones sit on hard drives in the cloud rather than being printed. Social media companies are warehousing our photos for the purpose of gathering data so that it can be used for advertising.

I believe we can do better. I want you to look at your photographs every day by putting them on your walls. I want you to see the depth of a fine art print that a computer screen will never be able to copy. And I want you to have a visual record of your family history that outlives the latest social media trend. This is what magazine quality portraits do.

I was formally trained in portraiture at the New England School of Photography (NESOP) and have been a professional photographer for close to ten years. I love it just as much today as the day I started. 

Get In Touch

Get in Touch



Doing a photo shoot doesn’t have to be complicated. Drop me a quick note to get more information on things like cost, scheduling, and wardrobe recommendations.

Look forward to hearing from you!